Is Biofeedback Good for Pain Management?

Is Biofeedback Good for Pain Management?

Have you ever wondered if Biofeedback is beneficial for pain management? Many people see great results in lowering and managing their pain with Biofeedback.
Let me explain the three ways that biofeedback can help.



Studies are showing a significant correlation between pain and prolonged inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be triggered and aggravated by the foods we eat, lack of mobility, and poor hydration. Biofeedback has programs that will signal the gut microbiome to work more effectively and allow for better nutrient absorption. During your session we will discuss the foods you eat that could be causing an inflammatory response in your body and the hydration status of your cells. There are specific Biofeedback programs that can help reduce inflammation at a cellular level.



Studies show that 80% of diseases in the body start from areas in which we hold stress.
Stress affects every organ system and yes, the muscular system is affected too. How many times after a stressful day of work do your shoulders or back hurt from holding in tension? Biofeedback has several programs that can relax muscles by giving tiny impulses causing a rippling effect of relaxation. These programs help to retrain your muscles and increase oxygen flow to those areas often reducing the pain significantly.



Life has gotten so busy and most people live in a Flight or Fight response all the time. Holding on to emotions such as anger,
frustration, sadness, etc. can lead to exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, inflammation, and pain over time.
Together we can evaluate which Biofeedback programs would be best for you.


Biofeedback for Pain Management Testimonial

“I went to see Robin for an ongoing pain I had in my right knee. The biofeedback session was very relaxing and I left feeling energized. I was so surprised the next day when I walked down the stairs and my knee pain was gone. I have continued to have very little if no pain in my knee. “


~Jody A.


If you would like to talk about how Biofeedback can help with pain management, schedule a session here.


Robin Aleksevitch, RN is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist practitioner in Louisville, Kentucky who sees clients at Meridian Integrative Wellness and Foxhollow Farm.

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